5 Love Languages

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I believe everyone has had the opportunity to read the book 5 Love Languages by Garry Chapman, right? If you don't, here is the comment about this beautiful learning of how emotions are expressed.

Most of us grow up learning the language of our parents and siblings, which becomes our primary or native tongue. Later we may learn additional languages. These become our secondary languages. We speak and understand our native language best.

We have 5 Love languages of human culture and those ways to express love within a love language are limited only by one’s imagination. The need to feel love is a primary human emotional need. We must also agree that it is the most confusing word. The love word is a way to express how much we love people, how much we love objects even to explain behaviors through actions. We have many ways to ground this word however the main means of it is to feel which is essential to our emotional health.

  • The First language to express love is to use Words of Affirmations that build up.
When we receive affirming words we are far more likely to be motivated to reciprocate and do something of our inner desires. Giving verbal compliments is only one way to express words of affirmation. Love is kind therefore we also need to communicate it verbally using kind words. Verbalize it and also write those words affirmation. Written words have the benefit of being read over and over again.
  • The Second language of expressing love is Quality Time Together.
And what do I mean by it? It means giving someone your undivided attention. It is a powerful emotional communicator of love looking at each other and talking, giving each other your undivided attention this is a key ingredient of giving focused attention, especially in this era of many distractions ( talking about this, many people nowadays don't want to even take a time to read a nice book like this one I’ve mentioned.) That's one of the reasons I decided to resume it for you so maybe you’ll feel motivated to read the entire art <3).
  • The Third language of expressing love is Receiving Gifts.
Gift-giving is part of the process. It is a fundamental expression of love that also transcends cultures. A gift is something you can hold in your hand and say: Look, he/she was thinking of me, remembered me. Thinking of someone to give a gift itself is a symbol of that thought. It doesn't matter if it costs money, what is important is that you thought of the person. This thought expressed through the gift is actually securing the giving it as the expression of love. Gifts are visual symbols of love and for some people are more important than others. One those cases without gifts as visual symbols love may be questioned. Don’t wait for a special occasion to give a gift.
  • The Fourth language of expressing love is Acts of Service.
This means doing things you know your loved one would like you to do. Once it is done with a positive and intentional spirit, they’re indeed expressions of love. It is important to remember that acts of service cannot be demanded. Demands stop the flow of love. Love is a choice and cannot be coerced. Acts of service require some of us to reexamine our stereotypes of the roles. Due to the sociological changes of the past years, we no longer cling to certain notions of the female and male roles in society. A willingness to examine and change stereotypes is necessary in order to express love more effectively. Our actions are influenced by the model of our parents, our own personality, our perceptions of love, our emotions, needs, and desires.
  • The Fifth language of expressing love is The Physical Touch.
Which is a way of communicating emotional love. It is a powerful vehicle to feel love. Touch, unlike the other four, is not limited to one localized area of the body. We all have tiny tactile receptors located throughout the body. When those receptors are touched or pressed, nerves carry impulses to the brain. The brain interprets these impulses and we perceive that the thing that touched us is warm or cold, hard or soft. It causes pain or pleasure which is the way of our subconscious response running from the pain or towards the pleasure. We may interpret it as loving or hostile. The touches of love may be explicit and demand all of your full attention. Once you discover that physical touch is one of the languages of love you are limited only by your imagination on ways to express love.

To face our last Mundial event, COVID-19 almost instinctively in this time of crisis we hug one another. However by being preventative of not contagious one another we had to keep this language of love restricted. Could you imagine how painful it was for those whose primary love language is physical touch? In a time of crisis, more than anything we need to feel love. We cannot always change events however we survive if we feel loved.