Amanda is very professional and compassionate and takes the time to really understand her client’s issues to develop a treatment plan to achieve their therapy goals. I felt very comfortable communicating with Amanda. She is a good listener, supportive and my experience with her was very interesting and enlightening. Her positivity is very contagious and I highly recommend her to others looking to receive hypnotherapy to achieve their goals.
— Loretta Burridge - 07/26/2022
I had a fantastic experience with Amanda doing hypnosis. She worked with my schedule and we booked three sessions. After the first session she also provided a recording to listen throughout the weeks and beyond. Each session we did a different hypnosis technique. I found some sessions more impactful than others and I can say that by the end of the three sessions I am noticing a change in my behaviors. I worked with her to improve my self-confidence. After our sessions I am feeling more assertive and more focused on what I want. I'm accomplishing more in my job and I feel more in control. I think our hypnosis together was a valuable experience that will pay off for years. Would recommend.
— Justin Kunst - 06/13/22
A minha sessão online foi fantástica!!! Amanda usou a técnica Breathiki, que além de ser muito simples, foi rápida e objetiva trazendo à tona memórias que aparentemente eram inofensivas mas que estavam totalmente ligadas à um trauma que estava governando minha vida até agora!

Já sabia que tinha um trauma de rejeição mas após a sessão vi claramente como esse trauma se ramificou e simplesmente era responsável por muitas das situações desagradáveis que vivi até hoje. Eu estava presa em um looping e não sabia.

Hoje, a palavra que melhor define minha vida é LIVRE, pois o medo da rejeição não me ameaça mais. Gratidão Amanda!!!
— Iris Oliveira - 05/22/22
I am so happy and thankful to have met Amanda, I must say I was a little bit apprehensive at first, but her warm comforting style eased my concerns right from the start. She gave me plenty of time to voice my thoughts and I never felt rushed, which I really appreciated. She listened intently and explained the process so that I had a clear understanding and answered all my questions which put me at ease. This was my first time in hypnosis, and I must say it was a pleasurable experience, we still have some work to do, but were able to clear some of my blockages and I am moving forward. Thank you, Amanda, for your help and for some of the extra suggestions they are helping me stay focused.
— Rocc Jonigan - 04/04/2022
Working with Amanda was extremely eye opening and one of the most enlightening experiences I have ever had. Healing past traumas was a goal and we successfully accomplished it!
— Faten Gazaleh - 02/12/2022
I feel so fortunate to have found Amanda Andrade!
Amanda has such great and caring energy.
She used amazing tools to help me release fears and limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. She was able to facilitate such a powerful positive shift in my life. I’m forever grateful for Amanda and her work. I highly recommend her!
— Lizete Oleynikov - 01/7/2022