Concierge / In-House Sessions

Are you concerned about the stigma of receiving Hypnotherapy or Reiki services; don’t want a paper trail through an insurance provider, are concerned with social distancing, or are too busy to make a traditional in-office visit? Sometimes it's just convenient and easier to stay at home. You may be unwilling or even anxious to just not want to travel all the way out to see me. Perhaps you work from home and have limited time for a session. Or maybe you just don’t want to rush from place to place. That’s okay. That is the reason I provide this service. With our concierge hypnosis services, I will bring the session to you either in-house sessions or remote. I am happy to help provide the services you need at your convenience.

Concierge services are a private pay arrangement and can be paid for at the time of service. Fees and expenses are on a case-by-case basis. We accept cash and all major Credit/Debit cards.

The concierge hypnosis services serve Jacksonville and the world. Book a session now! Call or email us for more information.

Please make sure that on the time we set our session the space will be totally available and free of any daily interruption.